Rubber Floor Care

Discover Premier Rubber Floor Care with Cincinnati's Expert Team

Rubber flooring stands as a testament to durability and flexibility, often selected for its resilience and ease of maintenance in commercial settings. To maintain its pristine condition and ensure longevity, specialized care from knowledgeable professionals is key. Envision Floor Care Solutions, your go-to Cincinnati floor care professionals, offers comprehensive commercial rubber floor care services designed to address the unique needs of rubber flooring. Our friendly and expert team is dedicated to preserving the quality and appearance of your rubber floors, making them a lasting feature of your commercial space.

Customized Maintenance for Rubber Flooring

Proper maintenance is crucial for keeping rubber floors in top condition. Envision Floor Care Solutions employs a targeted approach to rubber floor care, ensuring your flooring remains vibrant and durable through:

  • Routine Cleaning: Essential for removing dirt and maintaining the natural look and safety features of rubber flooring.
Specialized Care Services for Rubber Flooring:
  • Periodic Floor Care – Scrub and Recoat: Our periodic maintenance service is ideal for rubber floors that begin to show signs of wear. This service includes:
    1. Thorough scrubbing to clean the surface deeply and remove any build-up of grime.
    2. A recoat process to restore the floor’s natural texture and appearance, providing an additional layer of protection.
  • Restorative Floor Care – Strip and Wax: When rubber floors require more significant revitalization, our strip and wax service is the solution. This comprehensive care involves:
    1. Stripping the floor of old finishes and accumulated dirt to prepare for a fresh start.
    2. Applying a new wax coating to enhance the floor’s appearance and protect it against future wear and damage.

At Envision Floor Care Solutions, we are proud to be Cincinnati’s leading commercial floor care specialists, offering unparalleled expertise in rubber flooring maintenance. Whether your floors need a light touch-up or deep restoration, our team is ready to deliver exceptional results that exceed your expectations.