Before & After Gallery

Floor Care Transformations

Explore the dramatic transformations achieved by Envision Floor Care Solutions with our Before and After Gallery. This visual showcase highlights the effectiveness of our floor care expertise across various settings, including commercial offices, schools, hospitals, and retail spaces.

Each image pair vividly demonstrates the impact of our professional cleaning and restoration services, from deep carpet cleaning to precise hard surface treatments. Witness the powerful results of our work, see the difference quality floor care can make, and understand why we are a trusted leader in commercial floor care in Cincinnati. Our gallery not only reflects our commitment to excellence but also illustrates how we restore floors to their pristine condition, enhancing the aesthetics and extending the durability of every surface we treat.

We hired Envision to strip & wax our floors. They did an awesome job. The floors were in terrible shape. They had rust on them and hadn’t ever been cleaned properly. Envision got them sparkling clean! Very impressive. They were nice & easy to work with too.